Tips For Buying A Video Camera

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You do not want to just plunge blindly into the video camera market without a sense of direction because there are several things you will need to know before you buy a video camera.Below are some useful factors to consider when buying the best dslr cameras


You can buy a quality video camera for considerably less than six hundred dollars, but most of the advanced technologies will be introduced at a very higher price. It is good to note that video cameras are not cheap, so it is important to note that before you go on a buying mission. Depending on what features you are particularly looking for, do not expect anything less than fifteen hundred dollars for the advanced video cameras.

Core Features

Before buying a video camera, you must have assessed your lifestyle, picked a resolution and media format and also focus on some additional core features. These core features include; Photo features, you can always find video cameras that have very robust photo capabilities including scene modes, a flash, burst shooting and exposure controls this will be particularly helpful if you want to leave the digital camera behind.
An audio recording that comes in handy when you want to film home movies with surround sound. This will require high-end video cameras as they have to record in the Dolby Digital format.
Image stabilization will ensure that you avoid blurry videos due to shaky hands, but many video cameras nowadays offer image stabilization so that you do not have to suffer especially those that have hands that are shaky. This is an essential feature for the long zoom models.
Optical zoom now comes in when you want to get up close and personal with your subject because now you will need a specific video camera that has a high lens power that will be able to magnify the subject by a factor of ten. Some zoom lenses even go up to forty-eight and beyond but that depends on what exactly you want.

Media Format

The type of media that your video camera uses is very important as it will impact the size, weight, battery life performance and the overall user experience. This needs to be taken into deep consideration as it is very important. Normally, both standard definition and the HD video cameras can record to hard disk drives, flash memory cards and even built in flash memory. Some older formats like the mini DVDs and also tape have all been phased out, so it is important to take note of that feature. Ideally, a flash memory based video camera will be lighter in weight and smaller in size, but the only problem is that it will not offer much internal storage.