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Extra Income

Smart Ways to Make Extra Money from Home

Part Time

Extra money helps in many ways, from paying up the debt & insurance, and save money for future plans. But we have to work overtime or seek new employment for making additional income, which is unaffordable to some of us. It costs us our time and energy to go to the new office, and the schedule might not fit with the existing job.

Besides, applying for a new position is not as easy as it sounds. A new job means new skills to learn, and most companies only hire a part-timer who has experience. If you have tried to apply for a part-time job and have not received any calls, then it is the time for you to try a new option. What about working from home?

Make use of your internet connection

studioEver considered working from home? trabalho em casa as it is put in Portuguese. You only need to have a desktop computer or a laptop and good internet connection. There are plenty of gigs (online job opportunity) waiting for you online.

But before that, you should do a personal assessment by answering these questions:

  • Do you have multimedia skills?

Multimedia skills such as using PhotoShop and creating digital arts are the most sought skills in online gigs. If you happen to have those skills as a hobby, then you definitely have no trouble for getting a gig.

  • Are you fluent in any foreign language?

Translation projects are abundant on the Internet. Being fluent in a foreign language allows you to participate in the project. But it is better to do translation voluntarily first so that your potential employers can see your working portfolio.

If you find that your skills match with either of the ones mentioned above, then the next step for you would be to set up an online profile. It allows your skills and experience to be visible globally.

Selling Do-It-Yourself (DIY) products

DIYIf your crafting skill is good enough, you can start making DIY products and sell it online. Browse for DIY ideas and do a little research on what unique items most people are looking.

If your craft includes carpentry and sculpting, you can create garden ornaments and furniture. Even small trinkets such as knitted dolls or creatively-designed accessories can bring profits.

Prefer to sell your products online because by this way you have a vast market reach. Selling through e-commerce sites is also an option. There are online e-commerce sites that can give the artisan significant profit from a high sale rate.

Selling tickets

ticketTraveling has been made easier with a lot of travel apps and sites offering plane tickets to anywhere anytime. But not everyone knows this and has the time to set up for an online account. There is where your opportunity lies. You can start charging a commission for helping people to look for a travel ticket.

Perhaps selling travel tickets is now for you, and it does not sound exciting at all. Maybe you are more up to date with entertainment world; then you can try buying concert pre-sale tickets and sell them as regular tickets. Normally, there is around 20% price gap between the presale and the regular ticket price, and that can be your profit. Or, if the show is famous enough and many people are looking for the ticket, you can rise the price as high as you see fit.