Pros And Cons Of Choosing A Reflector Telescope

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There are main types of telescopes for a backyard observer; refractor and reflector. They differ in the manner they collect and focus light into the eyepiece. A telescope buying guide can help you find the best. In this post, you will learn about reflector telescope. This type uses a series of small and large mirrors to amplify and bend the light from planets and stars. It is quite difficult to imagine that you can use mirrors to see planets and distant galaxies.

Types of reflector telescopes


g2wed6fchwe7du222This is the first telescope that was invented by Issac Newton, a great scientist of the 17th century. He noted that lenses suffered from chromatic dispersion. He made the first telescope in 1668 using a mirror to bypass the issue of chromatic aberration.

You will find the design of this type of telescope quite simple. This explains why it is quite popular with the novice stargazers. There is a large mirror at the base of telescope tube that focuses the image onto a flat mirror that sends the image to eyepieces where it is magnified.


This type of telescope uses a concave primary mirror and a convex secondary mirror. The light comes on top of the telescope, which is then reflected by a mirror to the eyepiece. The light is sent back to the hole in the primary mirror. This design is quite complex and very expensive.

Advantages of reflector telescope

This is an all-around telescope with many advantages over reflector type telescopes. The design of a reflector telescope is less intricate as compared to that of a refractor telescope. This explains why these types of telescopes are less expensive as compared to others. Moreover, it provides a lot of magnifying power in a compact design. In fact, large models offer a lot of value for money as compared to the refractor telescopes. Also, they are very effective for viewing far objects in space thanks to fast focal ratio.


tg2wed7cu28wedi22Although they are all-around telescopes particularly for a beginner astronomer, it is not without drawbacks. Alignment of mirrors is quite delicate, and transportation may be a problem. Mid-size of the large versions of the telescopes tend to be quite bulk as compared to the refractor models. Moreover, lower-end models are known to produce distorted images. Also, there is a lot of time involved in maintenance particularly in aligning and cleaning mirrors.

Just like any telescope, you need to consider both pros and cons when buying. The good thing about reflector telescopes is that they are simple and effective making them perfect for star gazers and astronomers.